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We offer a selection of delicious tapas meticulously prepared by our experienced chef. Each of these small plates achieves a harmonious blend of flavours, showcasing the culinary traditions of the region. Whether you are a seasoned foodie or a visitor eager for new experiences, we invite you to enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience and savour the exquisite taste of Mallorca!

Antonio Buzón Calvo

Our Chef

The chef who unleashes magic in the kitchen

Meet our extraordinary chef, our expert in Mediterranean tapas. With vast training, he has been working in different kitchens since 1990, where he has specialised in mastering the art of creating these small culinary morsels. His skilful execution and passion for Mediterranean cuisine can be seen and tasted in each and every dish.
Prepare to be amazed.


Discover the most authentic flavours of Mallorca in our photo gallery. We show you a small taste of our delicious Mediterranean tapas.

Try our specialities

Delight yourself with the exquisite specialities of our restaurant, where culinary wonders await you that will captivate your palate.

Ceviche de corvina

sea bass, sweet potato, onion, corn


with mushroom sauce


rice, mushrooms, parmesan cheese

Creamy rice €16.50

with seafood


with candied mushrooms, citric sauce and crunchy


confit at low temperature on crystal bread


with fruit and berries

Milhojas €7.90

with caramel mouse and vanilla ice cream



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